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I think it would be cool to have a factions server! I think it would increase the donator and player count dramatically. I know I would play it and have SO much fun, if you wanted I could even buy the server and run it but mumblerit could be the owner still! You really have nothing to loose and if no one enjoyed it we could always remove it. I have no problem supporting it financially all it would require is some of the builders and developers to set it up witch they would probably enjoy doing! Also they diplomat perks could be getting better kits or stuff like that, I know if there were a server like that and I hadn't already donated I would. Please feel free to leave your feedback below and your +1s!

Vince AKA chickennuggetinc


Status: Open


PVP/towny is basically factions is it not?

Towny is factions with more plugins. Some would say its better, some would not.

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