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[Creative] WE update

When we vote, we are supposed to get 10 mins free access to WorldEdit, but the version we get granted access to is a whole Minecraft version out of date (1.7), and so the IDs are all skewed and it doesnt recognise 1.8 blocks like andesite, dark oak and packed ice. Could it be updated?


Status: Open


no its not..?

well when I try to use it it doesnt recognise any of those blocks and the IDs completely skip them over, suggesting that i for one am stuck in the 1.7 version

perhaps you  could give an example of what you are trying to do

As in, when I try to, say, use //set andesite, it says 'can't figure out what 'andesite' means' and when I try to use the numerical ID (//set 6), it tries to place bedrock instead, which was Item #6 in pre-1.8 versions

It looks like the problem is that you are getting your data wrong. While it's true that WorldEdit doesn't recognize some of the newer block names, it definitely knows all the new Block IDs.


Andesite is 1:5 and 1:6 (normal and polished) http://minecraft.gam...ia.com/Andesite. It, granite and diorite are considered a variant of "stone," and thus are data values of Block ID 1. Block ID 6 is still Bedrock; that hasn't changed.


I recommend looking up the blocks you wish to place online until you are more familiar with their true Block IDs.

I derped, sorry. Also, mumble, could you get around to fixing the login issue I emailed you about?