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EM issue

I have four brewing stands in my inventory and EM keeps telling me that i don't have any when i try to sell them.


Attached Image: Capture.JPG

Status: Fixed


Same happened to me when I tried to sell player heads on pvp. This needs a fix quickly


It actually does this for quite a few items, not only brewing stands. I usually have problems selling bows (not damaged).

Enchanted? Not had a problem selling normal bows myself as of yet.

use "bstand" for brewing stand

If the name you think it is, doesn't work, try looking up the datavalue and using that:



for things like planks of different colors, put an  : and then the sub-data value

Example: Jungle Wood Planks:  5:3

If you need the data value in game use //l item - For example: //l diamond or //l brick - It'll match your query to anything in the EM with the same name. Not 100% accurate for every single item but it is the quickest way to search and get the data value at the same time.

What synthet1k said is prolly the best thing to do, but sometimes it takes time to find items (Like Circle stone brick). Other than that I think we should have a command like what /teamspeak would do, that just gives you a link to this:


Plus one to the above. Would indeed be very handy for those items that don't return on a normal EM search via the commands.