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Latest News

Yes, We Reset Survival

Nov 19 2016 09:32 PM | Bambam2098 in Minecraft

The rumors are true, Survival has been reset!

Heres to answer all your questions:


Why did the Survival Server Reset?
The Survival Server reset has been long overdue, and we waiting until Microsoft released 1.11 to do so.


What about my builds?
You will be able to download the old map. Ill paste the link here when its up and running again.


New Plugin
Grief Prevention. Learn about it here: GriefPrevention HOW-TO This plugin will be used to protect players land. All players will start out with 150 blocks and get 100 each hour you play the server. You can also buy blocks with mums.


Other Things:
Additionally, some changes happened. SURVIVAL MUMS HAVE BEEN DISCONNECTED FROM THE REST OF THE SERVERS! No, this does not mean you lost all your mums, as they appear on all the other servers. However, this does mean your mums FOR SURVIVAL ONLY have been set back to 300. This will even the playing field, as its not fair for a multi mullion mum player to be starting off on the same server as a new player with 28 mums...


Lastly, PVP HAS BEEN ENABLED IN THE NETHER. Will explain more about it in a new post.


SPAWNERS CANT BE MINED FOR RIGHT NOW, its a bug we are working on. In the meantime, staff will not reimburse you for a spawner you broke.


Stay tuned, more information to come....

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Mob Disguise Sale $$$

Nov 02 2016 07:03 PM | Bambam2098 in Minecraft

As of Today, all mob disguises for Survival have been greatly reduced.


All Regular Mobs are $3, while all Premium Mobs are $6


Check it out on the store HERE!


For those who don't know, mob disguises allow you to change into whatever mob! Type /dis to get started.


See you on the server, -Bam

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Plug.dj Is Back!

Oct 13 2016 07:37 PM | Bambam2098 in Minecraft

Plug.dj is back!


Come DJ and listen to other songs queued by you!




Please check out the rules on the Muttsworld Plug.dj Page! See you there!


- Bam

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Halloween Skin Competition 2016!

Oct 06 2016 11:33 AM | QuietQuilla in News

Hey Guys, we’re hosting a server wide competition for Halloween!

Its time to ‘dress up’.

In this skin competition, you have to take your current skin and modify it to fit the theme of Halloween.


The idea is to try and keep your current skin, just make some modifications to it.



*All participants will also get 100 mums just for entering!*


First Place = 3,000 mums

Second Place = 2,000 mums

Third Place = 1,000 mums


Read full article for more details including examples and how to enter the contest...

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October Architect

Oct 03 2016 06:40 PM | batesmine in Minecraft

Hello Creative!



Congratulations to our winners from September!

They are: Black_Badger & Skullkid42

All of the entries were amazing!!

Congrats to our Rp Royalty of September: Pinky_Wolf6


October theme: Halloween

Show us your spookiest Halloween themed build!

Entries must be submitted on Creative by the last day of the month. To enter, send us a modreq on creative. PLEASE include the Plot ID, which is what helps us find your plot. (Ex: /modreq Entry 52;0)

The Creative staff will judge all entries on October 31st. The winners will be announced as soon as possible.



Good luck to everyone

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Kingdoms Is Now Up And Running!

Sep 21 2016 02:34 PM | Bambam2098 in Minecraft

The much anticipated kingdoms server is now live!


Be sure to check out the Kingdoms forums and help/tutorial guides for more info.


See you on the server!


- Bam

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L2D Releases New Map

Aug 11 2016 05:53 PM | creepertk in Minecraft

If you haven't already heard L2D has released a NEW MAP Hierarchy's End. This map allows you to explore to a greater extent. It includes several unique builds with many hidden secrets. Along with the new map came a

new looting system (for more information click the following link: https://www.muttswor...r-chest-on-l2d/ ).

Hierarchy's End is ready for you now it's time for you to explore, raid, and defeat the hoard! /L2D

View attachment: IMG_3564.JPGView attachment: IMG_3566.JPGView attachment: IMG_3567.JPGView attachment: thumbnail_IMG_3599.jpg

(photos provided by mr_buzz & page inspired by MtnDoot)

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New Forums Member Titles Update!

Jul 18 2016 05:12 PM | Bambam2098 in Minecraft

We've updated the Forums Member Title list that nobody really liked or cared about. In case you were wondering:


Newbie: 0-9 Posts
Newbie+: 10-29 Posts
Mutt: 30-49 Posts
Mutt+: 50-79 Posts
Blogger: 80-119 Posts
SuperBlogger: 120-249 Posts
Resident: 250-499 Posts
Resident+: 500-999 Posts
Legend: 1000-2499 Posts
God: 2500+ Posts

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