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Creative/skyblock Build Contest! Win 6month Diplo!

Jul 12 2015 11:51 AM | batesmine in Minecraft

Hi folks! We have some exciting news for those who love mini-games. Paintball is coming back! It will be available soon on Skyblock, and the arena will be built on the Creative server by you! That's right YOU!

Create the Paintball arena on your plot or plots and if your build is chosen, you will win 6 months of Diplomat! The contest is open to all (except staff) and if you haven't enjoyed the many perks that Diplomat has to offer, now is your chance!

When your build is ready, simply make a /modreq at the build site and we will get you entered.

A couple of tips:

The build can be of any size, but a single 100x100 plot will be plenty large enough for all practical purposes.

Avoid redstone/piston gizmos. Command blocks won't be allowed either.

The deadline for entry is July 26th, so get busy building! :cool:

Creative Admin

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World Edit On Creative

Apr 06 2015 12:23 PM | KatargeoEm in Minecraft

Now that world edit is available to everyone, there are a lot of people confused about how exactly to use it. This topic will hopefully clear up a lot of that confusion.

What is World Edit?
Word Edit is a building tool essentially used to build faster. It allows you to instantly generate walls, spheres, and much more.

How Do I Get World Edit?
World Edit is available for anyone and everyone to use. Diplomats get unlimited w/e. Freebuilders can vote for the server to obtain world edit.

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March Architect Winners

Apr 04 2015 07:24 PM | ClumsyPegasus in Minecraft

March's Architect Winners:


View attachment: 2015-04-04_20.21.47.png


View attachment: 2015-04-04_20.22.07.png

*Don't worry April's Architect could be you!*

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So many new things! So. Many. New. Things!!!

Mar 23 2015 06:57 PM | DisturbdGuy in Minecraft

It's time again for the update on the State of Muttsworld!

There's... been a lot. Mumble's been busy finding new things to add to the servers, and he's been letting people know in his Update Blog (seehttp://bit.ly/MuttsUpdates). Just in case you've been missing it, I'm going to summarize them here! I'm sure I'm missing some things, but these are the big ones.


Yup, we're on the latest version now. That's it. This update is really brief!

ALL Of The Aliases!
  • /pay playername number - /pay disturbdguy 0 - I really don't need the money! An easier way to give someone money.
  • /$ - Shows you how much money you have!
  • /buy - Brings you right to the Market Listings
  • /sell - The same thing as /market create.
  • Server commands - It's now easier to change servers! Just type /servername. /survival or /creative and so on.
  • /vote - Reminds you of the vote link, and claims and vote rewards you might have at the same time!
Social Commands!

Posted Image

If you type /social, you'll see the list above. Then just type / before the command (like /rofl) and a custom message will appear! It's currently being rolled out to all servers, and Mumble will be adding more as time goes on. Some of the commands can even have a player name after them for added effects. Try /iwhistle disturbdguy. You know you want to.

Everyone Loves Hugs!

Similar to the social commands above, but not quite. If you type /hug and then someone's name, you give them a friendly hug. (/hug Mumblerit).

Where The Heck Am I?

/map has been added to Survival, giving you the link to see the latest version of our server map. Not only that, but it'll be set for your coordinates when you type the command! Right now, the command is only on Survival, but Mumble will add the command everywhere once we have maps for them.

So Many Enchantments!!!

I can't... I just can't. Too many. Just go here to see what new Enchantments you can add to your items. On Survival/PVP, and will be rolled out to other servers, too.

I Can See ALL The Colors!

Ever wonder what the code is for your favorite colors? Just type /color and you'll see all of this!

Think You Have What It Takes?

/apply is a new command on the servers that gives you the link to the Staff Application section. We're always looking for new staff, so check it out!

See What We Do

If you Click Here, you can see all the tickets we do each day!

Creative Updates!
  • Worldedit limit has been raised from 1,000 to 5,000 blocks!
  • /addhelper and /removehelper have been added.
  • Wardrobe has been added.
KitPVP Updates!
  • There's a new kit, and kit prices are now listed on the Kit Display.
  • Bow-based kits have their costs raised.
L2D Updates!
  • Playervaults! Normal folks get 1. Diplomats get 3.
  • /pv workbench has been added!
  • /tp added to the plotworld
  • More items have been added to MuttsCrates
  • Diseases have been added to L2D... that sounds ominous!
  • Diplomats can craft EnderBows now (here's how), but anyone can use them once made.
PVP Updates!
  • /townymenu is now a thing
Skyblock Updates!
  • /easymode /hardmore added. Easy Mode is the big islands. Hard Mode is our new small islands. You'll need to /island reset then /island confirm to change the island, though.
  • Remember to check bit.ly/MuttsWorldSky for more updates!
Survival Updates!
  • More Pets have been added to 12-month and Permanent Diplomat.
Posted Image

Sorry... I couldn't resist.

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New Spawn, New spawnplots!

Mar 02 2015 10:26 PM | mumblerit in Minecraft

Posted Image

Look at that awesome new spawn! New spawn plots too! Leave your permanent mark on Muttsworld Survival!

5.00$ per spawnplot!

Get em now!

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Feb 09 2015 02:59 PM | mumblerit in Minecraft

One of our newer staff members was learning the ropes when they accidentally mis-typed a command. Woops!

We fixed most of it by reverting to a prior save and then rolling everything forward, but some folks are telling us they still have problems with their chests.

If you see something like this with your own builds, don't hesitate to send us a /modreq. We'll pop right over to help out!

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Jan 31 2015 01:05 PM | DisturbdGuy in Minecraft

Oh, hullo, MuttsWorlders! We have brand-spankin’ new(ish) updates for you.

Waving a fond farewell: We know that some of you were very fond of Cops and Vanilla, but most of you never set foot on those servers. We’ve shut them down, but don’t you worry: All that means is we have more space for some new stuff.
Here’s the new stuff: We have two new additions to our little Minecraft world, and many of you have already happily jumped in to try them out.

New Prison server: Prisoners take to the mines to dig up blocks, sell ‘em buy themselves new ranks. With each new rank comes access to mines with more valuable blocks. Once you hit rank H, you earn plot privileges, and the ability to build something with your resources. And you can buy armor and food with your earnings. Better watch out, though. During Yard Time, you could run into some trouble of the PVP variety. And during Prison Riots, you’ll have to team up with your fellow inmates to quiet down some rather angry mobs. It’s all worth it, though: If you are the first player to get to rank Z, you’ll win a free year of MuttsWorld Diplomat (donator status and perks)!

New KitPVP server: The PVP server has competition! Some familiar plugins meet with some new ones to build some of the most unique fighting kits you’ve seen on MuttsWorld. Oh, of course, there’s the traditional Knight with his diamond sword. But maybe you’d prefer to be Frosty, with snowballs that temporarily freeze enemies in their tracks. Best watch out if there are any Bombers, though. They might take you and your frozen friend out at the same time. Those are just three of the over 40 kits available.

Everything old is new again: As you know from an older update, SkyBlock has returned to MuttsWorld. Not only is it Super (our islands are larger than most), but we’re steppin’ up our Minigame… game. Okay, that one sounded better in my head. But, yes! We have parkour runs, Spleef grounds and PvP arenas where you can earn emeralds and items to trade in the shop or make your island awesome.

One last thing: Do you eat, sleep and breathe MuttsWorld? Do you want to help our servers be the best throughout the Minecraft universe? Mumblerit is looking for new staff across all our servers, but with a current emphasis on the new three: SkyBlock, Prison and KitPVP. If you meet our staff requirements and are willing to spend more time on the server of your choice, fill out an application! Check out our website’s Support tab and click Staff Applications. You’ll have to be registered on our forums, so make sure you’ve done so and clicked the link in your verification email.

That’s all we have for you at the moment! Be sure to check here and in the forums for the servers for the absolute latest updates. Catch you on the servers!

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Namechanges on Muttsworld Minecraft

Feb 07 2015 03:23 PM | mumblerit in Minecraft

Please be aware there are a few issues with namechanges currently, mostly with Mums (in game money).

Submit a ticket and a staff member will help you out.

Few other things that need namechange (uuid) compatibility
  • survival pwarps/horses
  • creative server ... ranks/permissions
  • townie towns
  • friends

Remember if you have any issues please /modreq and staff will be sure to help you!


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