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"3 Month Diplomat" Contest Winners

Apr 04 2014 05:40 PM | laravee in Minecraft

Hey everyone. First i'd like to say thank you to those who entered the "Win 1 of 5 3 month diplomat" building contest. (http://www.muttsworl...month-diplomat/)

This contest was a great opportunity for us to see how talented our players are, and we can really tell how much work has been put into your builds. We had a tough time picking the winners, but we've made our decisions.

**The 5 Winners Are**

Again, we'd like to thank everyone who entered, and we look forward to hosting future contests for you all to showcase your creativity. -Muttsworld Staff

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Apr 02 2014 09:51 PM | tnt378 in Minecraft

Howdy Peeps. So as some of you may know I have been in the process of making statues of every mod on survival ever. I have some spare space so I decided I will throw some players in there. I have decided to put 15 players with action shots. The first five players will be contest winners! The first will be the winner of Laravee's build contest. The second will be the winner of Wolfsyndicate's paintball tournament. The third will be the highest voter for the month of April. The fourth will be the winner of ktb's spleef tournament for April. And the fifth will either be the winner of the special item in the pvp event on 4/3/2014 or an upcoming pvp event!

The next 5 I will choose from the entrees. And the final five will be selected by your peers.

To enter:
Place your full minecraft name including caps.
Describe the action. You could be swinging, Getting shot from a skele or even doing something else with another.
-note if it is something with another player I MUST have confirmation from the other player and I will count it as both people entered.

I will decide on the players not from contests by the end of the month. If the players who win the contests are currently or ever have been mods on survival I will go to the next person etc.

Why: You will be with all the mods past and present of survival. All entrees must be posted or told to me by the end of April. Mods on the other servers are more than welcome to enter :D.

P.s. If you want to see the statues I currently have created just sent me a /tell in game and I will tp you. They're of the best quality and accuracy.

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Win One Of 5 Prizes Of 3 Month Diplomat!

Mar 08 2014 12:27 PM | laravee in Minecraft

Interested in winning one of 5 prizes which include 3 month diplomat? Over the next couple of weeks, there will be building contests held on Creative, Towny, and Survival. It will be a straight forward building contest, only real effort will be awarded.

Contest dates and how to enter; The contests will begin March 12th and the deadline will be April 1st. =*How To Enter*= Speak with Laravee.

Rules; No redstone clocks, each build has to have been done individually, seeing as there can only be one winner of each contest. You can build whatever you want for the contest as long as it's appropriate, and you put in a serious amount of effort to be considered.

Ideas preffered; Cottage, Mansion, Landmark, Farm, Skyscraper, or anything you want!

Extra notes; Don't take these contests too seriously, as there will be more in the future. All we ask is that you put your best effort in, and never become discouraged, because here at Muttsworld, talent is recognized.

Submissions here: http://www.muttsworl...st-submissions/

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Febuary 28th sale!

Feb 28 2014 04:45 AM | mumblerit in Minecraft

This is a thing! Also its cold outside! And its a weird (short) month! So lets have a sale!

Use code IMCOLD to get 15% off all orders on Muttsworld!

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Two new forums

Feb 07 2014 02:06 PM | mumblerit in Minecraft

MuttsWorld Towny subforum - http://www.muttsworl...forum/60-towny/

MuttsWorld Rust subforum - http://www.muttsworl.../forum/61-rust/

Come play on our new rust server! or the new Minecraft Towny server!

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NEW! MuttsWorld Towny Server

Jan 26 2014 06:02 PM | toboein in Minecraft

Posted Image

MuttsWorld has a new server - /server towny

Portal located in the lobby, next to the Creative portal.

Make sure to thank ktb094 for making spawn look pretty.

What is towny?

Towny allows you to create towns! Protect your towns, create plots, shops, embassies, town-guarding mobs, and more! Build your town, create an army, join other towns to form a nation, raid smaller towns, PVP in the wilderness, assign ranks to your residents, declare war on other nations, dominate the market, and more!

Some useful information to get started can be found here:

town tutorial

For a list of all commands, go here:

command list

  • To join a town type /town join (name)
  • To create a town type /town new (name)
  • A town's homeblock is set automatically where you were standing when you created the town.
  • You can change this by doing /town set homeblock and /town set spawn.
  • You can see information on your town using /town.
  • /tc toggles town chat
  • /nc toggles nation chat
  • /lc for local chat
  • Remember to put money into your town's bank!
  • /town deposit (amount)
  • If you have a 0 balance in your town's bank your town will be deleted automatically after 1 MC day.


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Sale on Spawn Plots!

Jan 18 2014 03:44 PM | toboein in Minecraft

BUY 1 PLOT, GET 1 FREE!Posted Image

As most of you have already noticed, Survival Spawn has moved to a new fancy location with lots of fresh plots. The new plots are 30 x 30, much bigger than the old ones. They are up for sale and for a limited time you can get 2 plots for the price of one!

Buy 1 plot, get 1 free! Show off your building skills at spawn for everyone to see! Get yours here

Posted Image

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