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Jan 31 2015 01:05 PM | mumblerit in Minecraft

Oh, hullo, MuttsWorlders! We have brand-spankin’ new(ish) updates for you.

Waving a fond farewell: We know that some of you were very fond of Cops and Vanilla, but most of you never set foot on those servers. We’ve shut them down, but don’t you worry: All that means is we have more space for some new stuff.
Here’s the new stuff: We have two new additions to our little Minecraft world, and many of you have already happily jumped in to try them out.
New Prison server: Prisoners take to the mines to dig up blocks, sell ‘em buy themselves new ranks. With each new rank comes access to mines with more valuable blocks. Once you hit rank H, you earn plot privileges, and the ability to build something with your resources. And you can buy armor and food with your earnings. Better watch out, though. During Yard Time, you could run into some trouble of the PVP variety. And during Prison Riots, you’ll have to team up with your fellow inmates to quiet down some rather angry mobs. It’s all worth it, though: If you are the first player to get to rank Z, you’ll win a free year of MuttsWorld Diplomat (donator status and perks)!
New KitPVP server: The PVP server has competition! Some familiar plugins meet with some new ones to build some of the most unique fighting kits you’ve seen on MuttsWorld. Oh, of course, there’s the traditional Knight with his diamond sword. But maybe you’d prefer to be Frosty, with snowballs that temporarily freeze enemies in their tracks. Best watch out if there are any Bombers, though. They might take you and your frozen friend out at the same time. Those are just three of the over 40 kits available.

Everything old is new again: As you know from an older update, SkyBlock has returned to MuttsWorld. Not only is it Super (our islands are larger than most), but we’re steppin’ up our Minigame… game. Okay, that one sounded better in my head. But, yes! We have parkour runs, Spleef grounds and PvP arenas where you can earn emeralds and items to trade in the shop or make your island awesome.

One last thing: Do you eat, sleep and breathe MuttsWorld? Do you want to help our servers be the best throughout the Minecraft universe? Mumblerit is looking for new staff across all our servers, but with a current emphasis on the new three: SkyBlock, Prison and KitPVP. If you meet our staff requirements and are willing to spend more time on the server of your choice, fill out an application! Check out our website’s Support tab and click Staff Applications. You’ll have to be registered on our forums, so make sure you’ve done so and clicked the link in your verification email.

That’s all we have for you at the moment! Be sure to check here and in the forums for the servers for the absolute latest updates. Catch you on the servers!

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Super Skyblock

Dec 09 2014 07:40 PM | ZilverSchaatsen in Minecraft

Skyblock is Back!!!!



Posted Image

Huge Islands

The Nether



Island Warps

...and much more

Come check it out /server skyblock

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Santa Is Coming To Muttsworld!

Nov 30 2014 05:28 PM | fjogur in Minecraft

Do you like gifts? Well, you're in luck! With only 10 payments of $99.99----- just kidding.

Come celebrate Christmas with us on MuttsWorld this year! Send a letter to Santa (something on mutts of course..) and on Christmas day you will see if Santa thought you deserved it.

Choose your gift carefully because you only get one letter to send.

Happy Holidays :D

Go here to send the letter: http://bit.ly/MuttsXmas

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Winter Wonderland Build Contest!

Nov 14 2014 09:49 PM | Mattyddub in Minecraft

This is the biggest build challenge yet! With the new 100X100 plots the challenge is to build a winter wonderland on your plot.

We want to see effort and originality in your builds.

The contest will launch today and finish December 6th

Thats 3weeks of build time. It is for individuals to participate.
The prizes follow as such.

1 Month diplo

5000 mums (server of your choice)

1000 mums (server of your choice)

The contest judges will be announced on a later date.

Cheers guys! Get into the winter spirit! Goodluck :)

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Omg Its Huge!

Nov 09 2014 04:54 AM | ZilverSchaatsen in Minecraft


Big changes on the Creative Server.

100 x 100 plots

The ability to merge your plots into a mega plot. - that's a 200 x 200 block plot for you Diplos.

You can now spawn animals.

and don't forget those Pets

Come check it out and get your new plot today

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Rabbits on survival

Nov 05 2014 10:02 PM | mumblerit in Minecraft

Get the new Rabbit disguise on survival today!

Posted Image

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Free Diplomat - Halloween

Oct 22 2014 10:32 PM | mumblerit in Minecraft

Hey Mutts

Have you heard? It is about time to get out those pillow cases and pumpkins, Halloween is right around the corner.

This Halloween I want to know if you guys can do us a favor.

This request doesn’t come unrewarded when completed!

I have a really cool image here:http://imgur.com/Nrx5hrR

Cut this image out and rubber band it to any halloween candy you are giving out. Take a picture of the bowl full of candy and get a free month of diplomat!

For you Trick or Treaters, that won’t be hard at all.

But.. There is one more thing. Have you heard about the Counting Candy Raffle? Well if you haven't, check about the November Event Calendar!

Heres the deal, the more entries we get for the Candy Promotion, the larger the prize for the raffle!

Hope you guys don't get sick of candy…

Submit your entries to this post.

Thanks guys! Happy Halloween!

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Recent Updates

Oct 16 2014 12:23 AM | railguy_ in Minecraft

Hello everyone, we've changed up some things and added some new features to the servers that I will be highlighting below!

FunCannon and Parkour -
Whenever you join the MuttsWorld lobby you are now equipped with a FunCannon that you can shoot at other players to make them disappear. There's no objective or goal, just have fun with it! We've also added some new parkours to the lobby so make sure you have conquered them all!

Towny and PvP -
Recently we've have merged the Towny and PvP servers together into one server labeled "PvP" so if you are looking for Towny that's where it is. The map has also been reset to allow all of you to get out there and make new towns and have a fresh start. If you have any questions the PvP Admins (Radiate88 and Vidad) will be glad to answer them.

Cops Server -
Ever played Cops and Robbers? Or perhaps Counter-Strike? Our newest gamemode is similar to those two games. Two teams (Cops and Criminals teams) fight each other to win the majority of the rounds. Cops your goal is to stop the criminals from planting the bomb, criminals you have been tasked with planting the bomb and detonating it! This server is BETA and there are much more planned features to come such as custom resource pack, more guns and explosives, and new maps.

Event Team -
The Event Team has been working hard to plan events for you guys throughout the month of October! The Event Team will be maintaining a calendar of events, listing all the Teamspeak and server events for that month. Click here to see that calendar!

L2D Map and Resource Pack -
The new Halloween L2D will be released this Saturday October 18th for Diplomats! If you are not a Diplomat it will be released October 24th. You can purchase Diplomat here! Regarding the resource pack you guys didn't seem to like the old one, so we've got an even better one now, so enable server resource packs and check it out!

Leave your feedback, comments, and questions below and we'll answer them as soon as we can!

- MuttsWorld Staff

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